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Are you someone who is confused about seeing the requirement of a Police Clearance Certificate in each and every stage of your immigration? Ever wondered what is so significant about this Police Clearance Certificate in the context of immigration? Don’t worry! Helpline Group got you covered in these concerns. In this article, we will discuss the pivotal role of the Police Clearance Certificate and its functionalities when you decide to stay forever in an overseas destination. Before moving into the application procedure of the Police Clearance Certificate it is quite important that you attain a basic piece of knowledge about the same. Some of them are given below for a quick understanding.

  • The outline idea about the application procedure for the Police Clearance Certificate 
  • The document requirements and paperwork for the same
  • The best choice of immigration consultation agency to assign with the task of acquiring a Police Clearance Certificate

The formalities and the procedure to be followed in the Police Clearance Certificate application is quite different for different nations. There is not a unified and generally accepted procedure for Qatar PCC, Kuwait PCC, Saudi PCC, Oman PCC, Bahrain PCC and so on. Each country and the governmental agency assigned to issue the Police Clearance Certificate follow their distinct protocols and methodologies in issuing the same. Each country will have a concerned authority which will be issuing the certificate to the applicants after a thorough background verification. 

Most of the GCC countries ask for a Police Clearance Certificate from the immigrants if they are planning to relocate to the territory with permanent resident status. This is a mandatory legal formality of the External Affairs Department or any corresponding department of the particular nation. The purpose of demanding the Police Clearance Certificate from the immigrants is to ensure that the international citizens they are welcoming into their territory are safe to be accommodated since they hold a non-criminal background in the previous country with satisfying moral conduct or behavior. This will serve as an assurance to the respective nations while taking in people from different nations and granting them Permanent Resident Status in the country. The Police Clearance Certificate is also necessary to join any higher educational institution, employment organization, trade or commercial activities in a different national territory. 

You can apply for the Police Clearance Certificate from any country if you have stayed in the country for a particular period of time. you are also eligible to apply for their Police Clearance Certificate if the applicant is a native of the country. When it comes to a particular duration of stay in the respective country, the duration can have differences according to the nation in which you are seeking the Police Clearance Certificate. Many countries also provide the option of applying for the Police Clearance Certificate by deploying a representative. In such cases, there are different sets of rules and regulations to be followed during the process of PCC application. 

Document Requirements

Documents requirements also vary according to the country. But still, there is a list of common supporting documents asked by most of the countries for submitting their Police Clearance Certificate Application. You can keep the following safe if you are planning to relocate and have a Permanent Resident Status in an overseas destination. 

  • Passport copy of the applicant with all the sealed pages
  • Copy of the Visa of the applicant
  • Fingerprints of the applicant
  • Police Clearance Certificate Undertaking Form (duly filled)

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