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Police Clearance Certificate Saudi Arabia

Do you want to opt for Saudi Arabia Police Clearance Certificate? Go through the list of required documents proper way to obtain Saudi PCC.

  • Gather precise information about the application process
  • Make sure you attach all the supporting documents
  • Fill-in every required information in your application

Let us discuss the necessity of obtaining Saudi police clearance certificate, and the requirements you need to fulfill to get this important document in time.

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Most important supporting document for PR Visa applications:

Are you planning to immigrate overseas for long term? Especially, if you are applying for Permanent Resident Status in many countries, Police Clearance Saudi Arabia is one of the most essential documents you need to submit.

The concerned issuing authority verifies the judicial records of the applicants and then issues Saudi Good Standing Certificate. This certification issued by the crime investigation department, confirms that the applicant was never involved in any criminal or illegal activity, while residing in Saudi Arabia.

A Saudi Good Standing Certificate, often known as a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) or Saudi Police Clearance Certificate, holds immense significance as an official document that validates an individual’s unblemished criminal record within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This certificate is a crucial requirement for various purposes, including employment, immigration, and legal procedures. The process of obtaining a Saudi PCC involves a comprehensive background check conducted by the pertinent law enforcement authorities to ensure the absence of any criminal convictions or ongoing legal matters involving the applicant. The Saudi Good Standing Certificate serves as a concrete testament to an individual’s commitment to abiding by the law, thereby bolstering their credibility and eligibility for a wide array of opportunities. Employers, governmental entities, and other relevant bodies rely on the Saudi Good Standing Certificate to make well-informed decisions, fostering trust and enabling smoother interactions across various domains. It stands as a symbol of an individual’s integrity and trustworthiness, highlighting their suitability for diverse roles and responsibilities within Saudi Arabia and beyond its borders.

The documents required to obtain Saudi Arabia Police Clearance:

You need to submit the following documents while applying for Saudi Arabia police clearance certificate:

  • Colour copies of your passport including all the sealed pages
  • Colour copy of your visa
  • The fingerprints of all the fingers of both your hands, taken on the prescribed form, in the presence of authorized personnel.
  • A copy of your iqama or the iqama number (This is the Residence Permit issued to the expatriates arriving in Saudi for employment)
  • Your recent passport size photographs – 4 nos.
  • Police Clearance Certificate authorization and undertaking form
  • Your duly filled application form for Saudi PCC

Apart from submission of your application completing it in all respects, you also need to follow the deadlines to acquire Police Clearance Saudi Arabia. Get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding the paperwork and the procedure to obtain this certificate in time.

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