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Data Flow Verification Services

The advent of Data flow verification services has played a huge role in verifying the  authenticity of various business documents and ensured transparency in conducting various affairs. It has enabled to deliver an efficient platform for various business activities and has played a leading role in attracting talented professionals across the globe.

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The term ‘Data Flow‘ is defined as the data that is stored in applications in SAP solutions and is used to verify the data between various business documents. This process is important to ensure compliance with the legal requirements of the company/ organization.



Data Flow Verification (DFV) directly compares the business documents which are related to each other and covers the business documents required for different applications. In case of incorrect data, the process of data flow verification helps a great deal in collecting the documents and also creates the associated application for the same.

The selection criteria for determining the business documents for the process of Data Flow Verification are as follows

  • With Company ID, you can specify the number of business documents that were created in the company.
  • The Accounting Transaction Date, checks the business documents that were posted on a certain date.
  • The last changed date helps in verifying the documents that were changed within a certain time frame or within a certain date.



The Selection Date is available for certain business groups and are checked in data flow verification process in a prescribed manner.

For business documents checked in a certain way, the last changed date acts as a selection criterion and includes important business document pairs in verification setup

  • In case of documents having accounting transaction date as selection criteria, the system takes selection criteria as accounting transaction date.

In case of control parameters, these are certain parameters that checks how a system deals with data flow verification

  • While selecting the option Include Information about documents with differences in Application log , it determines the documents that are listed in the Application log.
  • While selecting the option Include Information about documents without differences in Application log, it determines the documents listed without the Application log.
  • By selecting Automatically correct differences, the system automatically resolves any differences by initiating a document synchronization.


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