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Police clearance is required to demonstrate that you do have no criminal record during your stay in a country. It affirms your individuality, whether you are a law-abiding citizen or not. It demonstrates your level of ethics and responsibility as a citizen, immigrant, visitor, worker, or student. If your past and present records prove that you have violated the law in any way, including convictions, lawsuits, criminal proceedings, or any participation in illegal activities, a remark declaring the violation will be noted in your clearance certificate. The Police Department in the relevant country retains the right not to release any authorization to a claimant if a background check reveals that the candidate is a threat to society or has a pending case in a court of law, implying that only law-abiding citizens will be granted a police clearance. It’s all the same in the case of Saudi PCC.

The Police Clearance Certificate Saudi exists in two types. If the claimant is in the Kingdom, the police clearance is provided in the form of an Arabic certificate; and  if indeed the candidate has been outside the Nation, the Saudi local police stamp and signs the individual’s fingerprint card stating “No Criminal Record.” Generally, applying for a police clearance while still in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes at least a week, but it takes longer and is more complicated when the applicant is already living outside the Kingdom. The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh reminds Filipinos who believe they may need a police clearance in the future to obtain one before leaving or traveling to Saudi Arabia.

The process is transparent and straightforward. The candidate should indeed acquire from the Embassy a Letter of Endorsement acknowledged by Saudi police authorities. The applicant must then take the Letter of Endorsement to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SMFA) for authentication. Following verification by the Saudi Ministry, the candidate should present the Letter of Endorsement to the police station in the municipal district where the claimant currently lives. Saudi police will request that the applicant fill out a fingerprint card. The applicant should also be prepared to show his or her residence permit (iqama) upon the proposal. Fingerprints of both hands, including all ten fingers, are considered necessary, along with legal authentication from any Saudi government official or Saudi embassy.

 Applicants living outside the Kingdom are reminded not to wire money to the Embassy or send cash via courier with their documents. The Embassy will not accept applications from foreign nationals who do not have a designated representative in the Kingdom. Furthermore, the Embassy emphasizes that the Philippine government is under no obligation to assist a Filipino citizen in obtaining foreign citizenship. Aside from submitting your application and completing it completely, you must also adhere to the deadlines for obtaining Police Clearance

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