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Are you in search of obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate Saudi Arabia from the territory of the Philippines? Then this article from Helpline Group is all set to help you throughout the journey. There are certain prescribed ways to apply for obtaining the PCC and also several necessary documentation and paperwork to be completed in a stipulated time frame. The document can be obtained easily in a minimal amount of time if you abide by the prescribed procedures and guidelines strictly without fail. But if you are an amateur to the processes and the institutions or authorities that provide the certificate, then you better seek help from a professional agency or experienced professionals like Helpline Group. 

Below given are some of the basic things you should complete before submitting the application.

  • Be thorough with the application process, its format, guidelines and the like
  • List out all the documents that are prescribed mandatory along with the application
  • Be cautious not to miss out on any required space in the application form without filling 

Saudi PCC in the Philippines is not a mere document required for the immigration process. It has got way more perks and benefits throughout your expatriate life in one way or the other. Being an applicant for the PCC you must be aware of such advantages before beginning with the process of application. And there are certain tips and tricks for the timely approval of the certificate. 

PR Visa applications and the Police Clearance Certificate

If you are someone who has been residing in Saudi Arabia earlier, there is a crucial connection between the PR Visa applications and the Police Clearance Certificate. PR Visa application is something that you go for only if you are planning a long term migration to an international country. Regardless of your overseas destination, the Saudi PCC  is something that you can’t miss out along with the Visa application. No international country will encourage the grant of PR status to an expatriate unless they submit the Saudi Arabian PCC. 

The Police Clearance Certificate from Saudi Arabia becomes an imperative document since the authorities concerned with the approval of the certificate analyze and verifies all the criminal records of the applicant if there exists any and confirms that the applicant is devoid of any legal offense during his or her stay in the territory. Thus the credibility of the document is relatively higher which increases the necessity of the document at various stages of immigration and migrant life. 

Document Requirements for Good Standing Certificate Saudi Arabia in Philippines

The Saudi Arabian Police Clearance Certificate demands a bunch of supporting documents for submission along with the application form for a spotless verification process. Any mistakes in attaching the required documents will cause a breach on your application which might cause you serious legal troubles as well as delay in the approval of the application, its bouncing back or loss of money spent for the application. Therefore, it is always recommended that you take the help from some experienced industry professionals in such instances so that you can just sit back and relax throughout the process of application and approval just by providing the necessary documents and information. 

Below given are the basic document requirements for the Police Clearance Certificate Saudi Arabia;

  • Color copies of the passport of the applicant
  • Color copies of the Visa of the applicant
  • Applicant’s fingerprint recorded in the prescribed format
  • Iqama copy and the Iqama number of the applicant
  • 4 recent passport size photographs
  • Police Clearance Certificate authorization and undertaking form
  • Duly filled out application form of the Saudi Arabian Police Clearance Certificate