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Bahrain PCC in the Philippines is one of the most common demands that we have been receiving for years since our establishment. And there are a lot of guides and manuals circulating in the industry to make the applicants aware of the certificate and the prescribed procedures to acquire the same. In this article, we will inform and educate you about the detailed procedure towards obtaining a PCC, the associated paperwork, documentation requirements, and also the time frames in a general manner. 

Since a Police Clearance Certificate, Bahrain is one of the most common demands in the industry, the professionals at Helpline Group are well versed with the prescribed guidelines and policies from the concerned authorities. Being aware and familiar with the legal intricacies involved in the application procedure, we would always recommend you to consult with a professional instead of doing it all alone even without professional supervision. 

However, these are the primary knowledge or background information that you should possess before beginning with the procedure of applying for the Bahrain PCC

  • Learn about how you can fill out the application form without fail and how to attach the necessary documents as prescribed
  • Be aware of the list of requirements, whether it be the document requirement or the requirement of paperwork. And be cautious to collect the information from the most credible and updated resources
  • Remind yourself of the stipulated time frame or deadline as informed by the concerned authorities 

In case you find any difficulty in gathering any of the above-mentioned information, Helpline Group executives would be more than happy to assist you in the chore at any time. 

The process of approval of Police Clearance Certificate Bahrain

The Police Clearance Certificate that you obtain from the Bahrain government is so vital because of the degree of credibility and authenticity of the document. The certificate is issued by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Bahrain. The authority will thoroughly go through the criminal records during the stay of the applicant in the country to certify that the individual has good moral behavior and ethical standards. The certificate can be approved if and only if the individual has not attempted any crimes or is involved in any legal offenses in the territory of Bahrain. 

The Eligible Applicants for Bahrain PCC in the Philippines

The Bahrain natives are certainly eligible for the certificate by all means. The natives of the country who have migrated overseas can also apply for the same. Moreover, people who are not Bahrain natives are also eligible to apply for the certificate if they had been to the nation for trade, occupation or education for a particular period of time. Bahrain consulates and the Embassies of Bahrain are also entitled to grant the certificate to the applicants once they obtain approval from the Bahrain CID. 

Purpose of the certificate

Bahrain Good Standing Certificate has the following purposes in the life of a migrant. They are;

  • Long term professional purposes
  • Spouse Visa requirements
  • Visiting or trading purposes overseas
  • International commercial activities
  • Incorporation and running of the business
  • To obtain school licenses and many other licenses
  • To secure a lawyer’s license and so on

Document requirements for the Bahrain Good Standing Certificate

The Police Clearance Certificate issuing authority of Bahrain has prescribed the submission of several supporting documents along with the application. They are the following;

  • Copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Bahrain Good Standing Certificate undertaking form (duly filled)
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant in the format prescribed
  • Fingerprints of the applicant
  • Bahrain CPR/Visa Copy
  • Copy of the national ID