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Certificate Attestation Services from the USA

United States of America (USA) has emerged as one of the biggest global markets in terms of trade, commerce and business activities. The development of various new businesses and enterprises has ensured new opportunities and avenues for various people from different parts of the globe. This has made attestation of documents important as it enables various clients especially expats to apply for jobs in reputed firms and organizations.

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The United States of America (USA) is one of the most developed and globalized nations in the world that has emerged as a global powerhouse. It has provided immense job opportunities for people from across the world and has developed itself as a global and business hub in the world.

The certification of documents has helped various clients in availing jobs in various reputed firms and organizations. The attestation of documents playa key role in verifying the authenticity of the person and helps them in availing various legal services in the nation.



The attestation of documents in USA takes place in a 5 stage process. Some of them are as follows

i)Attestation by Notary Public

The documents get attested by a Notary appointed by the government in order to prevent any sort of forgery of documents. The attestation by Notary Public helps to verify the authenticity of the documents and verifies the details mentioned in the document.

ii)Attestation by Secretary of State

The documents have to be attested by the Secretary of State Office from where the documents are issued.

iii) Department of State

The Department of State attestation is necessary for verification of Apostille documentation and is in compliance with standards set up by 1961 Hague Convention.

iv) Attestation by Embassy

The Embassy verifies the genuinity of the document and also plays an important role in verifying the authenticity of the Department from where the certificate is issued.

v) Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

After the attestation by Embassy, the documents are sent for attestation by MOFA. The MOFA is the final authority that is responsible for the attestation of documents and permits the use of these documents in public domain.

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